What I Ate In A Day 2/16/16

Another day of all the vegan food I ate in a day. This time no potatoes, I promise!



Ever since I’ve been of the potatoes (I say it like I’m in rehab or something, hah!), I’ve been jonesing for peanut butter like no other. So I made a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast yesterday! And then today I did a PB&J! I specifically went to Save On last night just to get some jam for this. Kind of embarrassing, kind of don’t care. My favourite thing about going to the grocery store late at night is seeing all the weird combinations that people are buying. I remember one time in university I rushed to Safeway to get a dozen everything bagels, 6 avocados, and some coconut bliss peanut butter ice cream. The guy ringing me up knew I was in for a wild night. Anyway, yesterday’s breakfast was just a peanut butter sandwich on some nutty bread with coffee.



Ok this was a really good lunch! I grilled some peppers, zucchini, and onion. Then stuffed them in a pita along with some arugula, truffle hummus, and mixed bean sprouts! Very yummy, lots of fresh stuff, and it made me realize that I really enjoy eating crunchy vegetables and I should probably start eating salads more frequently. I tend to eat really carb-heavy, warm meals all winter that by mid-February I am dying for some crisp lettuce. I am going to get to work on salad dressings for some emerging spring inspiration (please come soon, spring, I miss you!).




For dinner I made tortilla soup! You can find my original recipe for it here. However, this time, I made the simple and quick version. I should probably make another recipe post for this but I’ll just tell you here. It’s just onion, bell peppers, frozen corn, and garlic, cooked in a pot. Then dump a bunch of vegetable broth in, 1/2 cup each of dried rice and cooked black beans, and 1 cup of your favourite salsa. Then simmer it until the rice is done. If you want it a little bit creamy, add some unsweetened almond milk! You can blend it up a little bit too, but it’s also good on it’s own. I didn’t have any avocado or cilantro or fancy vegan cheese this time. Just excuse the poor presentation of some crumbled tortilla chips. It was still good and Corey gave it his stamp of approval!

This plus the two mandarins and sneaking some tortilla chips is all the food I ate in a day! Pretty good but a rather boring day of just work, Netflix, and being kind of lazy.

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