What I Ate In A Day (1/1/16)

All the yummy food I ate yesterday. I’m kicking off the new year with some whole-food meals that I feel great eating, fill me up, and taste delicious!

I’ve been calorie conscious lately and I find that not only is it making me healthier, but I am eating better meals than before! Instead of pulling out the gardein mandarin chick’n, I’m making a point to pre-plan my meals and I find that I’m getting better nutrition as well! What’s helped me do this is prep large-ish batches of rice and beans so that I can throw them in anything. This speeds up cooking times and I’m less likely to say, “screw it, let’s get take out” because the work is already halfway done!



I picked up some really good multigrain sourdough when I went shopping last so I’ve been eating a piece of that all week. I usually do avocado toast but when my avocados run out, or are sadly not ripe enough, I love hummus on toast. We’ve been hooked on this beet hummus that we found at save-on. You know we love beets! It’s got a subtle earthy sweetness compared to other hummus and it’s great with all the seeds in this bread.

About coffee.. I am by no means a coffee snob, per say, but I do have my preferences. And I drink so much coffee! Ahhhh look at that mug and that’s only round 1. I am so hooked on caffeine that I probably couldn’t function without it. I love using my french press.. partly because it makes me feel fancy, but I also think it improves the taste. All I use is a tiny bit of unsweetened almond milk because I admittedly make my coffee way too strong. I know that coffee is sometimes unethically sourced so I make sure to buy fair trade. It’s a bit pricier but I find that the coffee is a higher quality and I think a couple extra dollars is worth it to support better business practices. My favourite is Ethical Bean Rocket Fuel. I was first introduced to it as a sleep-deprived student at UBC because it was what they served at their vegan-friendly cafe (I wasn’t completely vegan at the time, but I was trying!) and also where I had my 8AM (!!!) morning class. It was a life saver and I owe that coffee a lot of credit so I stay loyal. I also really love that it’s locally roasted because I try to be a loca-vore when possible, but that is usually not possible when it comes to coffee.. so this is good enough for me. Ok, that was my coffee novel.



I stayed home basically all day yesterday because whatever it was a three-day weekend. BUT I did proudly go to the gym downstairs (LOVE having a gym in my building and it’s usually E M P T Y) and I upped the weight on all my workouts and did cardio for much longer than I usually do. Not that I am an impressive athlete that will be posting her stats anytime soon..  but I’m proud of myself either way! I feel good about how my year is going and I think that matters most!

So post-gym I tend to make really good healthy choices and this lunch is proof of that! I steamed some kale, chopped up some grape tomatos, and tossed in 100g each of my prepared rice and beans. I wasn’t sure what to do about seasoning though, and then I remembered that Corey’s dad makes a salad dressing that he seasons with some curry powder. I made it a little thicker than the vinegrette he makes.  It’s a tablespoon of vegannaise, a tablespoon of curry powder (this was really spicy so I would probably use a little less next time), salt to taste, and thin it out with a little water to reach your desired consistency. I was really happy with this lunch and it filled me up really well!



Over the holidays I stocked up my family’s fridge with some fresh ingredients and vegan substitutes because, like I mentioned in my last post, my family seems to be happily leaning into veganism. Yay!

One of the things I bought and planned on cooking for everyone was portobello mushrooms! Corey and I absolutely love our portobellos! I like making portobello ‘steaks’ (will post this recipe in the very near future because I’ve been thinking of making them again!) and overall using them where I would have used meat in a previous life. I like that they soak up lots of flavour but also have a nice umami flavour all on their own. So, at my parent’s house I had 6 beautiful organic portobello’s bathing in a terriyaki pineapple marinade for like 2 and a half days because I just never found the time to cook them for everyone. Eventually people started picking them off and grilling them on their own but I never actually got to sit down and eat one myself! I was super bummed because from what I tasted- amazing! So I definitely had to make us some this week. I used a generic terriyaki marinade and rubbed it all up in those gills and soaked it for about an hour then I tossed them on my newly gifted grill pan (love love love it!). I think slicing them thinly makes it look more aesthetically pleasing than just tossing a whole cap on the plate 🙂

The fried rice is just garlic, onions, carrots, cabbage, and crumbled tofu cooked in a pan and then I tossed in 200 grams of the rice that I had made in the fridge and a little bit of low-sodium soy sauce. I’ve all but eliminated the added oil that I use in cooking and I feel so much better! Occasionally I will use olive oil in italian dishes, a little dressing on salad, and a little sesame oil in stir fry. I don’t know why but when I eat lots of added oil I feel just.. blah. Which I didn’t realize for a while because I used to add a little oil to everything I cooked! I am much happier getting fat from whole food sources like avocados, nuts, and seeds. So instead, like in the case of this “fried” rice, I water fried the veggies by adding juuuust enough water to keep them from sticking to the pan (it evaporates by the time you’re done cooking so it doesn’t water everything down) and cook it that way. If you’re thinking of cutting out oil, I strongly recommend water frying!

This dinner was also incredibly filling and I’m glad I made the “fried” rice vegetable heavy instead of too much rice. Especially because that means I had an allowance for….


Yes! I love how being vegan makes it so much easier to stay at my daily calorie limit and still treat myself. I made a “nice cream shake!” Nice cream is pureed frozen bananas! It is naturally sweet and creamy and oh so satisfying and I don’t feel guilty eating it at all. This shake was one frozen banana, one cup of unsweetened almond milk, and a tablespoon of cocoa powder. Yummy chocolate shake for only 200 calories!

This entire day was only 1,180 calories, just under my target goal of 1200! I was very satisfied and didn’t feel sluggish or overly stuffed like I used to.

2 thoughts on “What I Ate In A Day (1/1/16)

  1. Rose says:

    I am definitely going to try what you had for lunch one day soon – that looks ridiculously amazing!! Yum yum yum!

    How long did you steam the kale for?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Rose! I just steamed it until the leaves turned bright green and slightly softened, maybe 3 minutes? I prefer my kale to still have a bit of texture compared to other cooked greens 🙂

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