Potato Cleanse: Day 2

Another day, another thousand pounds of potatoes. Not really, more like 2.5 pounds of potatoes. Day 2 of the potato cleanse was pretty successful! I slept in super late so I just had 2 big meals. And oh my god, they were both really good! Like I said yesterday, I’ve been following the Potato Cleanse facebook group and both of the meals were some variation of what a lot of people recommended. I thought I’d try them out since everyone was talking about how amazing they were! Everyone was sooo right. I could easily see myself eating both of these meals long after I stop this silly potato cleanse.



A popular breakfast on this potato cleanse is a potato ‘omelette.’ I figured I’d try my hand at it. Making hash browns without oil is hard, guys! Excuse the very well-done spots. I kind of liked how some of it was super crispy and others weren’t. This wasn’t a perfect execution but I was really satisfied with it. I made this in a pan, though everyone recommended using a George Foreman-type grill, I don’t have one. All I did was make regular hash browns in one pan, and I sauteed some vegetables (mushroom, zucchini, bell pepper, and tomato) in another. Then I put the veggies on top and folded it over like an omelette! I also topped this with salsa but that clearly did not make it into the photo. Would recommend and I’ll probably make this again.



NACHO FRIES. Need I say more? I made a potato cheeze sauce, put it on top of oven-baked fires, and topped it all with some jalapeno, green onion, and greens. With salsa on the side. This was fan-freaking-tastic and I will totally make this a million times over. Corey kept stealing them from me and he was already way stuffed from his own dinner! For the cheese sauce, I pretty much followed the recipe  here. I still have a bunch of it in the fridge from today and I’m really looking forward to eating the rest of this cheese sauce tomorrow!

Overall, I’m still feeling pretty good.  I can probably credit some of that to the wonderful massage therapist I saw today for my back (amaaazing I don’t know why I waited so long to do this). I have noticed that I’ve been feeling a little dehydrated so I’m drinking a lot of water today. I’ve been using this app called Plant Nanny. It’s a water tracking app and you log every time you drink and your little plant ‘grows.’ I’ve been drinking so much water that Plant Nanny has been like “whoa, girl, slow down.” At least I’m hydrated! Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but it could be something else entirely. Potato Cleanse Day 2: success!

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