“But Bacon” + BLTA Salad

I’ve already done my bacon rant in my Wild Rice Bowl with Portobello Bacon post, but this “but bacon” is a common meme in the world of internet food things. So I will create my own vegan bacon echo chamber. And you know what? I think I’ll include some accidentally vegan bacon-flavoured things that are readily available in your neighborhood grocery store. Mostly because I think it’s hilarious that just about every “bacon-flavoured” food (that is not bacon itself) is vegan. YES. I AM SERIOUS. And then I will show you how to make your own vegan bacon that can be liberally sprinkled on everything from salads to pizza to vegan donuts. At the bottom you’ll see my BLTA Salad recipe. Continue reading

Fudgy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

It’s the day after Halloween and all the candy is going on sale and I can’t help but miss some of my pregan (pre-vegan) favs. I remember doing the trick-or-treating thing with my friends and we’d take all of our candy and dump it out on the floor and start bartering. I was always after those Reese’s peanut butter cups. I was even willing to give up some banana flavored laffy taffy for those things! That’s true dedication. Chocolate and peanut butter are like a match made in heaven and I’m currently limited to: Justin’s dark peanut butter cups, or dipping  chocolate into my peanut butter jar (and that’s just not something I can do in front of other people). Justin’s are great, but I have yet to find them at any other store than the select few Starbuck’s and they only come in twos. I think buying the entire stash while getting my morning coffee is just too embarrassing so I went ahead and made my own. Continue reading

Jenny, where the heck have you been?

Ok. So. Apparently I’m really bad at creating a new recipe every week and posting it promptly. I’m going after this blog thing with a new strategy: make a bunch of things all at once. I also think that I’m overthinking things. Not everything I create is some carefully thought-out recipe so I’ll start including some this-is-what-I-eat-everyday posts. If anyone is actually reading this with an interest in taking the veg pledge, then that’s probably something good to see. So maybe I’ll post some basic meal pictures also. Be prepared for lots of stir fry, buddha bowls, and eat-everything-that-is-going-bad-in-the-fridge nights.

I feel super bummed about not posting lately because fall is actually my favourite time of year to be cooking! All the squash, hearty stews, veggie roasts, and warm desserts. Unfortunately, I got hit pretty bad with a case of bronchitis and haven’t been motivated to make anything more than, like, tea. But I’m beginning to feel better! Woo! So now I’ll start cooking more. Also Corey will be home earlier in the evenings so I’m not just cooking for myself anymore.

So this post is me making a promise to post more! And coming up next are some fudgy dark chocolate peanut butter bites!

Now back to my tea..


mug shot

xo Jenny

Vegan Mozzarella + Creamy Garlicky Alfredo

I find it kind of funny that I’ve been all “YOU DON’T NEED CHEESE SO  STOP TRYING TO MAKE CHEESE HAPPEN” and then I go out and make vegan cheese. Hah. What a hypocrite I am. Really, I did it in the name of food science and I want to reassure everyone that is second-guessing the vegan life because of cheese. Well, vegan cheese is a thing and it’s pretty cool to be able to make it yourself. Or you can find the good vegan cheeses in the fancy health food stores (or Whole Foods) and shell out the cash once in a while to pair with your grapes and vegan wine and french bread. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I see a vegan cheese and wine night in our future, friends. Maybe I’ll grab a bunch and post a review here for you all. Continue reading


I don’t even have an excuse for the poor name that I’ve given this food. I was thinking of calling it Hummus.. something. Or like Veggiedillas, or I don’t even know. I can’t use the name quesadilla because there’s “cheese” literally in the name, right there at the front. So I’m just being honest and saying there’s straight-up no cheese inside. But there is some hummus, avocado, veggies, and a  yummy tahini sauce! And, well, they certainly look like a typical quesadilla. Just without cheese because cheese sucks. Yeah, I said it. Cheese. Sucks. Continue reading


Going with this DAIRY SUCKS THE MOST theme I’ve started as of my last post, I am giving you the gift of Mac’n’peas. Yes, I love puns with my vegan food and I’m not ashamed. I also think this fits in with my lazy attitude that I’ve had lately since mac is like the number 1 lazy person food, after ramen (this is not as easy as Easy Mac, sorry, but it’s also not very difficult and you can just let a pot simmer on the stove for a while). Bonus is that this is an allergy friendly recipe! No soy, no nuts (depending on your nondairy milk choice), no dairy or eggs (it’s obviously vegan). I even made it gluten free by using brown rice macaroni elbows (but you don’t have to, I just like brown rice pasta!). Bonus is that this is much lower in fat and calories than any mac and cheese that you will find out there. I admit that I didn’t calculate it, but the fact that I replaced cheese with yellow split peas should tell you that this is much more nutritious! Continue reading

NoChees (No Cheese Nachos) + Liberating your food from dairy

I am going to front this post with saying that I completely disagree with people who say “vegan cheese is totally the same thing!” Because, well, it’s not. Let’s get that out of the way: this is not cheese. It will never be cheese, it doesn’t even really taste super cheesy. And that’s ok. That’s even better. I am starting a series of recipes where I will take common foods that usually rely on dairy, and show you that they don’t need to. We don’t need cheese. We. Don’t. Need. Cheese. Continue reading

Red Lentil Radicchio Tacos

I have never met someone who dislikes tacos. If you are that person then stay far, far away from me so I can live in this blissful bubble where certain foods are universally loved. Like tacos, pizza (no cheese, please!), and waffles. Tacos are so customizable, too! The anatomy of a taco is: a well-seasoned filling, inside some sort of open-top vehicle, with fresh toppings and a little acid. So let’s toss out the sad, pre-made beef crumbles with packaged taco seasoning and over processed cheese toppings in stale corn tortilla shells (I’m looking at you, depressing Old El Paso products) and make something fresh and festive and summery! Continue reading

Meatless in Seattle

We had a great weekend in Seattle. We ate our way through that city and I realized just how amazingly easy it is to be vegan in the PNW. I thought Vancouver was veg-friendly but there were so many places with “ask us about our vegan options” written on the signs in their windows! As well as completely vegan restaurants, something hard to come by in Vancouver as most of ours are vegetarian with a large vegan selection. We went to 3 different restaurants: Plum Bistro (brunch), Araya’s Place (dinner), and Wayward Vegan Cafe (brunch again). All of them were vegan and all of them were wonderful! Continue reading