Jenny, where the heck have you been?

Ok. So. Apparently I’m really bad at creating a new recipe every week and posting it promptly. I’m going after this blog thing with a new strategy: make a bunch of things all at once. I also think that I’m overthinking things. Not everything I create is some carefully thought-out recipe so I’ll start including some this-is-what-I-eat-everyday posts. If anyone is actually reading this with an interest in taking the veg pledge, then that’s probably┬ásomething good to see. So maybe I’ll post some basic meal pictures also. Be prepared for lots of stir fry, buddha bowls, and eat-everything-that-is-going-bad-in-the-fridge nights.

I feel super bummed about not posting lately because fall is actually my favourite time of year to be cooking! All the squash, hearty stews, veggie roasts, and warm desserts. Unfortunately, I got hit pretty bad with a case of bronchitis and haven’t been motivated to make anything more than, like, tea. But I’m beginning to feel better! Woo! So now I’ll start cooking more. Also Corey will be home earlier in the evenings so I’m not just cooking for myself anymore.

So this post is me making a promise to post more! And coming up next are some fudgy dark chocolate peanut butter bites!

Now back to my tea..


mug shot

xo Jenny

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