Vegan Mozzarella + Creamy Garlicky Alfredo

I find it kind of funny that I’ve been all “YOU DON’T NEED CHEESE SO  STOP TRYING TO MAKE CHEESE HAPPEN” and then I go out and make vegan cheese. Hah. What a hypocrite I am. Really, I did it in the name of food science and I want to reassure everyone that is second-guessing the vegan life because of cheese. Well, vegan cheese is a thing and it’s pretty cool to be able to make it yourself. Or you can find the good vegan cheeses in the fancy health food stores (or Whole Foods) and shell out the cash once in a while to pair with your grapes and vegan wine and french bread. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I see a vegan cheese and wine night in our future, friends. Maybe I’ll grab a bunch and post a review here for you all. Continue reading

Tofu Scramble

Let’s talk breakfast. Some say it’s the most important meal of the day, others say they skip it daily. I know some people don’t even eat until dinner time. I couldn’t even fathom what that’s like. I’m one of the former, without breakfast I can’t even function for more than a couple of hours. Even if I’m running an hour late I will pause for a handful of cashews or a banana. I love breakfast and so I love weekends and days off because I get to really enjoy my mornings, even if I sleep in! I’ve always been more into savory foods so the first concern of mine when transitioning to veganism was “what about breakfasts?!” I think the first day after choosing this lifestyle I scoured the internet over savory vegan breakfasts and immediately ran out to gather the ingredients for this one. I’m pretty sure this was one of C’s first vegan meals, too! He likes it so much that he specifically requested me to make it for his birthday breakfast! Continue reading

Seitan Two Ways

Seitan is hands-down the most amazing non-meat that I have eaten (it’s also much cheaper to make your own than buying premade, processed meat alternatives!). It’s main components are vital wheat gluten, water, and seasonings. I’ve failed this a few times myself so don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t work out perfectly the first time. I haven’t quite made the perfect seitan but I think I’m getting close! This is a basic recipe so please, play around with it. You can add ingredients like garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh herbs for flavor.  For a different texture you can add chickpea flour or corn meal (have yet to try this- coming soon!). Continue reading