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I’m Jenny and I use this place to share my food creations and some ‘things’ about life as a vegan in Vancouver, BC (it’s pretty great, not gonna lie). My all time favourite meal is chips and guac’ and I am not ashamed. I am a pretty simple person trying to do my best in navigating this world.

Why vegan? It’s a question I get asked a lot. Initially, I didn’t know. I thought it would be interesting to try “just to see if I could do it.” After some trial and error, a lot of sad documentaries, and some weird social experiences- I stand before you, a full-fledged vegan. This is a great way to live and I am really just trying to get the word out. Food is my favourite form of activism- no one will say no to a cupcake! I hope to turn the world vegan with one delicious meal at a time.

I enjoy making fresh, flavourful, and not-too-complicated dishes. I think everyone should be eating healthy and tasty meals no matter how much time they have on their hands.  Here are some of my favourites at the moment:

 Best Ever Guacamole






Outside of the kitchen, I enjoy cozying up to movies, wine tastings, board games, long bubble baths, drinking way too much coffee, and walking through our local urban forests. I want to take up knitting and soap-making this year!

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